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La Liga's betting house official application


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Sportium is the official app of the official betting house of La Liga de Futbol Profesional (National Professional Football League), in which you can put money to different results in almost any match.

Even though Sportium is La Liga's official betting house, that doesn't mean that you can only bet to La Liga's soccer games. In fact, you can bet to more than a dozen different sports, and almost any soccer competition in Europe, even the English League, and boxing as well.

As it is common now in the betting world, Sportium doesn't only let you bet for a specific result, but also for many other outcomes. For instance, you can bet Messi will score a goal between minute 1 and 50, something he would do in any game anyway. You can even make double bets, betting for two teams to win in the same day.

Sportium is an excellent betting app. Thanks to this app, you can make the sports season even more fun. Because what's more fun that putting money in the hands of luck, when luck is the shoes of millionaire soccer players?